Strategic (de)selection produces ideal results.

Jury Selection Assistance facilitates identifying which jurors are suitable and more importantly which jurors are not suitable for a specific trial.  Assessing both verbal and non-verbal responses to appropriately worded questions yields insight into a juror’s attitudes, biases and decision making processes.  This crucial information about potential jurors guides the trial team’s decision of whether to challenge an individual juror.  Jury selection assistance offers in-court observation, submission of follow-up questions and recommendations about exercising challenges for cause and peremptory.

Voir Dire Design uses strategically designed questions to identify jurors with the most detrimental attitudes and biases.  Efficiently eliciting useful information from each prospective juror assists in deselecting jurors and subtle case persuasion.

Juror Questionnaires provide consistent information about each of the prospective jurors.   Specifically crafted questionnaires encourage jurors to divulge information they may not otherwise reveal.